The Toolkit

The BC Climate Action Toolkit is a tool for knowledge sharing and collaboration. It provides the latest news, best practices, practical advice, information, and strategic guidance to help BC local governments successfully reduce greenhouse gas emissions and, at the same time, strengthen their communities.

A living site, the BC Climate Action Toolkit will grow and change with users' needs and feedback. The toolkit's goal is to inspire action in BC's diverse local governments to rapidly advance deep emission reductions in corporate operations and community-wide activity. Through the Climate Action Charter and a wide range of actions on the ground, BC local governments have already taken action and the Toolkit provides an opportunity to benefit from lessons learned. It draws on a wealth of relevant, topical resources available to local BC governments.

Assembling the Toolkit

In assembling this Toolkit, the Green Communities Committee relied on the knowledge and experience of individuals and organizations across the province.

The tools, plans, and guidance are the product of existing and new work by experts who have been working inside or with local government to advance sustainable energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Solutions to climate change can strengthen our local economies, improve local government fiscal performance, and enhance human health and social cohesion.

Working Group members generously donated their time to develop content. Many other experts from local government, the Province, crown corporations, consultancies and non-profit organizations enthusiastically shared their wisdom.

One of the aims of this project was to avoid re-creating a huge volume of content. Instead, existing content was synthesized, summarized and, most importantly linked for the convenience of local governments to access.

What's New

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