Sustainability Block




Building Sustainability Blocks

The Capers Block development in Vancouver is medium density (2.5 FSR) and mixes retail, commercial and residential uses. / Nadia CarvalhoA Sustainability Block is a showcase for innovative approaches to energy efficient and smart growth development. It provides an opportunity for a local government to experiment with innovative infrastructure, sustainable design and energy efficiency initiatives at the block scale.

Ideally, a Sustainability Block would act as a catalyst for further sustainable development within the community.

A Sustainability Block can contribute to a climate action strategy by incorporating Community Energy Planning projects, such as District Energy, Renewable Energy/Electricity, alternative fuel supply and Building Energy Efficiency. as well as smart growth concepts such as pedestrian-friendly streetscapes, parking management, a transportation hub and greenspace. Sustainability blocks reduce GHG emissions primarily through a reduction in vehicle kilometres travelled and an increase in building efficiency.

Through collaboration among local government, the developer and other stakeholders, the process builds practical green development know-how, which can be applied to future projects.

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