Small Wind Siting and Zoning Study

The Small Wind Committee of the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) commissioned this study to:

a) provide local government officials with the tools and resources they need to address Canada’s growing interest in on-site wind power generation; and,

b) provide owners and retailers with “Best Practice” guidance for the installation of small wind turbines. 

This study draws on numerous interviews with local planning officials and a survey of small wind retailers to analyze the current treatment of small wind turbines and provide “Best Practice” siting guidelines, a model municipal zoning by-law, and recommendations for CanWEA.  
Local governments can use this study as a basis for reviewing their existing regulations or in drafting new regulations. The Model Small Wind Turbine Zoning By-Law provides a solid starting point that can save planning staff valuable time, and can be adapted and fine-tuned to accommodate both existing regulations and emerging incentive programs across the country.
The study concludes with steps CanWEA can take to encourage Canadian municipalities and regions to adopt this model by-law.  
Authors: Rhoads-Weaver, Asmus, Savitt Schwartz, MacIntyre, Gluckman, Healey.
Publisher: Canadian Wind Energy Association.
Sep, 2006
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