Skinny Streets & Green Neighborhoods - Design for Environment and Community

 Can good urban design and sound environmental design coincide at a neighborhood level to create healthy communities? Absolutely, and the strategies presented by Cynthia Girling and Ronald Kellett in "Skinny Streets and Green Neighborhoods" illustrate how to weave together contemporary thinking in urban planning with open space planning and urban ecology. 

In ecologically sound communities, the urban landscape is a functioning part of the whole ecosystem. Wooded areas, meandering streams, wetlands, and open spaces are planned and engineered to clean the air and the water. Skinnier streets and practical pathways weave into a functional, economical network to provide a range of equally good transportation choices, from walking to mass transit, that move people efficiently and economically.

This book moves beyond identifying problems to demonstrate proven methods and models that solve multiple, complex problems in concert. With innovative ideas and practical advice, "Skinny Streets and Green Neighborhoods" is a guide for today's planners, architects, engineers, and developers to better neighborhoods and a more natural metropolis.

Please note: the entire book is not available online and needs to be purchased to read all 18 case studies and chapters.

Authors: Cynthia Girling, Ronald Kellett,
Publisher: Island Press
Dec, 2005
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