Innovative Infrastructure Financing Mechanisms for Smart Growth

There is a wide variety of financing tools that raise funds for municipal or regional infrastructure while promoting smart growth. The report briefly describes 15 tools currently in use in the US or Canada. A summary of each tool provides an overview of the mechanism, indicates what kind of infrastructure it can be applied to, describes the potential smart growth outcomes, lists the advantages and disadvantages, identifies cities where the tool is being used, and provides an  information source. 

The report includes case studies of each of these mechanisms in action in Canada and the US.  Each case study presents information on how the mechanism was used to fund infrastructure and achieve smart growth outcomes in a specific jurisdiction and offers a brief assessment of the success of the initiative, the barriers encountered and the issues that may be raised by transferring the mechanism to (other) jurisdictions in Canada.
Author: Ray Tomalty
Publisher: Smart Growth BC
Nov, 2008
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