Developing Inventories for Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy Consumption

Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) is a program managed by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and ICLEI – Local  Governments for Sustainability. This handbook explains how to complete inventories and forecasts of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that result in recognition of Milestone One of the PCP program.
The primary users of this handbook will be local government staff or consultants who have been asked to develop an emissions inventory. Besides helping to ensure that the work of those individuals meets program requirements, the handbook will also be useful to senior staff and council members who want to review the requirements for Milestone One before joining the PCP program or who are planning budgets to complete Milestone One.
The true value of inventories of GHG emissions becomes apparent when local governments begin to set reduction targets for local government operations and the community (Milestone Two of the PCP program) and begin to develop GHG reduction plans (Milestone Three of the PCP program). The emissions inventory is essential to setting realistic reduction targets.
It provides an emissions baseline that a local government will strive to reduce over time through its GHG reduction plan. Without a baseline, the local government risks underestimating or overestimating its potential emissions reductions. More importantly, the local government will be unable to quantify progress toward established targets.
Author: Hyla Environmental Services Ltd
Publisher: Partners for Climate Protection, Federation of Canadian Municipalities
Oct, 2008
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