National Community Energy Plan Implementation Guides

National Report on Policies Supporting Community Energy Plan Implementation

This report identifies how provincial, territorial and local governments can work with communities to achieve their energy objectives. It includes:

  • A review of the role that communities play in supporting energy objectives at the provincial and territorial level;
  • A review of provincial and territorial policy approaches that support CEP development and CEP implementation in Canadian communities;
  • Examples of how CEP implementation is helping provinces and territories achieve their energy objectives, and
  • An overview of how the effective approaches identified can be replicated by other provinces and territories.


National Report on Community Energy Plan Implementation

The National Report on Community Energy Plan Implementation:

  • Defines what a Community Energy Plan is, what the key drivers are, and what benefits a CEP has for a community
  • Provides a snapshot of CEP implementation in Canada and introduces a CEP implementation scoring system
  • Describes success factors and barriers for CEP implementation based on the analysis of 50 Plans across Canada
  • Provides key considerations going forward for the development of a Community Energy Implementation Framework

These publications can be downloaded through Community Energy Planning: Getting to Implementation in Canada website

Community Energy Planning: Getting to Implementation in Canada
Jul, 2015
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