Success Story: Solar Colwood – engaging community in energy conservation and renewable energy


BC Climate Action Toolkit

Wed, 08/08/2018
In 2015, the community of Colwood BC completed its four year community wide mission to engage local citizens in energy saving and GHG reducing initiatives within their homes and municipality. As a result of this project, Colwood has now earned a place as one of Canada’s leading communities in energy conservation and renewable energy. 

Success Story Snapshot

  • Energy Savings / GHG Reductions: On average, households that participated in the project saw a reduction in energy consumption of 37% and of GHG by 43% over a 2 year period. Energy upgrades promoted and provided through Solar Colwood combined incentives resulted in energy savings of 4.96 million kWh/year and GHG reductions of 651 tonnes of C02e/year.
  • Business Case: The total energy savings from all participants is estimated around $525,552 every year at 2015 energy prices.
  • Co-benefits: Solar Colwood provided jobs, training, and scholarships to community members, supported local artists through participation in and sponsorship of prizes for art shows, encouraged a culture of conservation in the region, and supported the development of green technology.
  • Total project cost: The total cost of this project was $11.9 million: Natural Resources Canada provided $3.9 million. Additional grants were provided by BC Hydro, the province of BC’s LiveSmart program, and Fortis BC. The project also benefitted from about $2.7M in-kind contributions from a number of other partners. Participants in the program also contributed by investing in energy saving home retrofits at reduced rates.