Powell River Puts Electric Vehicle into Service


CivicInfo BC

Fri, 06/15/2018
City of Powell River’s vehicle fleet is now plugged into the cleanest automotive technology with the acquisition of an electric car.
The new vehicle is a Ford Focus four-door car, seating five passengers, purchased in late 2017. The City has just taken delivery of the vehicle.
The vehicle has been acquired to replace one of the engineering department vans. The electric vehicle will be charged at the electric charging station at City Hall. The car will mostly be used by the engineering department but will be available for others at City Hall, also.
This is the first electric vehicle for the City of Powell River. The acquisition will help the City reduce its carbon emissions by replacing a gas-operated vehicle.
Powell River is a great location for an electric vehicle because it doesn’t have long runs. It’s estimated that electric vehicle will not travel more than 50 kilometres per day, and newer electric vehicles have extended range.
“It’s a good unit for our City,” said Shawn Cator, manager of operational services. “It should cover 95 per cent of all of the needs of the engineering department.”
Cator said that the City will look at replacing other gas-burning vehicles with electric vehicles in the future. “When a vehicle comes up for replacement in the future we’ll consider electric,” he said, noting that there are not yet viable electric replacements for all of the City’s vehicles.