Organics Management




Keeping Organics Out of the Landfill

Ladysmith is the first municipality in BC to introduce universal residential curbside pick-up of organic waste. / Town of Ladysmith.Disposing of organic materials such as food waste in landfills results in production of methane, a highly potent greenhouse gas. In BC, waste management accounts for about 5% of the total greenhouse gas emissions [1]. It is also challenging to capture and utilize all of the methane that is generated in many landfills.

Managing organic materials that are traditionally part of the waste stream using other, low-emission methods is becoming a key part of waste management, or ideally resource management strategies for local governments. Not only does diverting organics from the landfill reduce methane emissions, it allows this valuable resource to be reclaimed for other beneficial uses.

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[1] BC Climate Action Plan, 2008

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