Community-scale Energy and GHG Modelling




Taking Climate Action with GHG Modelling

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Download the Comparison of CEEM Tools Matrix for a high-level comparative snapshot of 11 active models and/or approaches that practitioners have been using to support local governments across BC.

New Tool! BC Energy Map
An emerging tool for community renewable energy considerations. Find it here.

Community-scale energy and emissions modelling (CEEM) provides the ‘bridge’ between community-wide inventorying (e.g., CEEIs), and setting/rationalizing your community’s GHG reduction targets, as required under the Local Government Act. CEEM allows local governments to assess the impact of projected land use changes on future energy use and GHG emissions through different transportation patterns and the built environment.

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WEBINAR: Community-scale Energy and Emissions Modelling in BC: 101: Listen here!

An example of modelling graphics from Modelling 101 presentation. Download it below.






Community Examples

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