Third Party Incentives




Financial Supports to Go Green

A third-party incentive is financial reward provided to citizens through a non-governmental or corporate organization in collaboration with a local government. For example, some local governments offered rebates to citizens with solar panels through Solar BC. Read more examples under the HOW tab.

Deep GHG emissions reductions will require widespread adoption of energy efficient transportation and building technologies. Local governments can promote climate protection by connecting citizens with third party incentives promoting energy efficient transport, and energy efficiency for buildings. Incentives for improvements to business operations, commercial buildings and industrial processes also exist.

Promoting third party incentives works well in conjunction with civic programs such as facilities energy retrofits. Communicating with the public can build goodwill for civic action on climate change. The City of Burnaby coordinated its comprehensive facilities retrofits with its Energy Fit public education campaign, which included information on third party incentives [1,2]. Learn more by clicking the 'How' tab above.

Complimentary Measures – Resources to Address Corporate Emissions

Funding and training opportunities are also available to help local governments address their own corporate GHG emissions. 

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[1] The City of Burnaby. (2006). Energy Fit. 


[2] Marnie Watson. (September 2008). Planning Department, City of Burnaby. Personal Communication.