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09 Aug, 2018 Government invites public input on a clean growth future for B.C.
The Province of British Columbia is inviting public input on clean transportation, clean and efficient buildings, and a clean-growth program for industry this summer. Join online discussions about transportation and buildings by August 24.
08 Aug, 2018 Success Story: Solar Colwood – engaging community in energy conservation and renewable energy
In 2015, the community of Colwood BC completed its four year community wide mission to engage local citizens in energy saving and GHG reducing initiatives within their homes and municipality. As a result of this project, Colwood has now earned a place as one of Canada’s leading communities in energy conservation and renewable energy. Read on...
01 Aug, 2018 Expert Panel on Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Results
Canada's Expert Panel on Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Results has released their report, "Measuring Progress on Adaptation and Climate Resilience: Recommendations to the Government of Canada". 
31 Jul, 2018 Upcoming Course in Community Energy Management
Are looking to gain expertise in developing and implementing CEEPs to reduce your GHG emissions? Check out a community energy
management course offered this fall by the Community Energy Association and BCIT.
29 Jul, 2018 Resort Municipality of Whistler Moves Ahead With Energy Performance Initiatives

Whistler is moving ahead with three initiatives aimed at improving energy performance of new and existing residential buildings in Whistler.

25 Jul, 2018 Municipal Natural Assets Initiative | Results from the First National Cohort: Decision-Maker Summary

MNAI has developed a methodology to help local governments identify, value and manage natural assets. This decision-maker summary provides a high-level overview of each pilot project and their key findings.

23 Jul, 2018 Toolkit Newsletter: Climate Action Updates for BC Local Governments - July 2018

Check out the latest Climate Action Toolkit e-news with free programs, grants, valuable tools and success stories from local government peers.

19 Jul, 2018 Deadline for GMF capital project funding approaching
Still time to apply for GMF capital project funding by August 1.
17 Jul, 2018 Service Sustainability Assessment Tool

SErvice Sustainability Assesment Tool is a new tool is available to help staff and Councils understand the current sustainability of the services being provided in their communities.

10 Jul, 2018 Asset management training for Canadian municipalities
Learn how to make better infrastructure decisions. FCM's partner organizations are delivering more than 40 local asset management training activities, including technical assistance and continuous learning opportunities, in Canadian communities of all sizes. Municipal staff and elected officials will be able to access asset management courses (including certifications), workshops, webinars, conferences and events offered online and in regions across the country until December 2019.
These activities will help your municipality gain asset management knowledge and skills to support better infrastructure investment decisions. Events include national training opportunities along with local events tailored to meet regional needs.
10 Jul, 2018 Use FortisBC Incentive Programs to Save Energy, GHG Emissions and Money in Your Community

FortisBC’s Conservation and Energy Management team works with the residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors to promote energy efficiency and conservation. It encourages wiser use of energy by offering rebates for energy upgrades in new and existing buildings, direct installations of energy efficient products for low-income households, and financial support for special projects.  FortisBC is providing support, including information and marketing materials, for local government staff. FortisBC can offer brochures as well as content for social media, websites, newsletter articles, and media releases. 

04 Jul, 2018 Call for EOI: Municipal Natural Assets Initiative Watershed Roll-out in BC
The Municipal Natural Assets Initiative is now offering a watershed-level program in BC focussed on the needs and capacities of smaller / rural local governments, in a single geographic region. Additional details and the Request for Expressions of Interest  are due date by August 17, 2018. 
04 Jul, 2018 PCP National Measures Report 2018

ICLEI Canada’s and FCM’s Partners for Climate Protection program have just released the National Measures Report 2018, which compiles information on 164 projects undertaken by members of the PCP program. 

27 Jun, 2018 Smart Communities Pilot: Deadline Approaching

Interested in using new technology and innovation to improve your local government's infrastructure? BC's Smart Communities Pilot Program may be just what you need. For further information on the program and funding opportunities please review the Smart Communities website. The deadline for application is July 13, 2018.  

26 Jun, 2018 Columbia Basin Trust Environment Grants

The Columbia Basin Trust is offering grant opportunities for registered non-profits, public organizations, municipalities, regional districts and Indigenous organizations that will strengthen environmental well-being.  Businesses may be considered depending on the project and its broad community impact. 

26 Jun, 2018 National Measures Report 2018 - How Canadian cities and communities are taking action on climate change
The 2018 National Measures Report highlights the great strides cities and communities of all sizes are making to address climate change in Canada.
19 Jun, 2018 Powell River Puts Electric Vehicle into Service

City of Powell River’s vehicle fleet is now plugged into the cleanest automotive technology with the acquisition of an electric car.

19 Jun, 2018 CNAM's resources support people who are new to infrastructure asset management
Canadian Network of Asset Managers (CNAM) has developed several resources to support people who are new to infrastructure asset management, with materials being developed in both English and French, that target communities who are new to asset management and are starting their journey. 
03 Jun, 2018 Success Story: Kimberley’s former mine site becomes home to the largest solar project in BC

In 2015, the City of Kimberley BC began commercial operation of SunMine, the province’s first municipally owned utility-scale solar facility. SunMine is the first solar project in the province to sell power directly to the grid through BC Hydro’s Net Metering program. The project has allowed the community to utilize the Sullivan mine’s now fully reclaimed brownfields and make use of existing transmission infrastructure that once served the mine. Read on...


22 May, 2018 Toolkit Newsletter: Climate Action Updates for BC Local Governments - May 2018

Check out the latest Climate Action Toolkit e-news with free programs, grants, valuable tools and success stories from local government peers.


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