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25 Nov, 2014 LED Street Lights Across B.C.
The Province of B.C., BC Hydro and representatives from local governments are collaborating to offer a suite of tools and services to assist with the adoption of Light Emitting Diode (LED) Street Lights.
21 Nov, 2014 Get LinkedIn
Do you have a climate action issue? Share it on LinkedIn with other BC local governments working on similar challenges.
20 Nov, 2014 e-news
17 Nov, 2014 Using Digital and Social Media to Mobilize Climate Action: From Communities of Interest to Communities of Practice

Join Professor Maged Senbel, Professor, School of Community and Regional Planning (SCARP) and UBC researchers Erik Blair and Victor Ngo as they share results on the use of social media for the Do It in the Dark campus residence energy challenge. Their research demonstrates how using multiple pathways of engagement, including entertainment engagement, can result in reduced energy consumption well beyond the period of public engagement.

03 Nov, 2014 Everything You Want to Know About Climate Change in Three Easy Lessons
What’s causing global warming? How can we slow climate change? And how can society adapt?
Answers are now just a click away with the Pacific Institute for Climate Solution’s launch of a new animated and interactive course in its popular PICS Climate Insights 101 educational series, which tackles climate change causes, mitigation, and as of today, adaptation. 
31 Oct, 2014 PICS Climate Insights 101


28 Oct, 2014 These Streets are Made for Walking: Trans-Form Speaker Series #5

These Streets are Made for Walking: Trans-Form Speaker Series #5

20 Oct, 2014 Financing Local Climate Change and Energy Initiatives
FCM is pleased to announce a new, free Partners for Climate Protection program webinar.
Financing Local Climate Change and Energy Initiatives
Wednesday, October 29, 2014
12–1:30 p.m. EDT

Session summary 

20 Oct, 2014 Climate Change and Solutions from Innovation

Building up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference to be hosted by Fra

06 Oct, 2014 Electrify Your Fleet! Join us at this EV and Fleets Workshop
Is your fleet ready to be 10% electric? Last fall, the Government of British Columbia committed to take action with the aim that 10 percent of all public and private fleet vehicle sales by the year 2016 will be zero-emission vehicles. This commitment, also signed by the states of California, Washington and Oregon, could mean an additional 3,000 zero-emission vehicle sales in British Columbia by 2016. 
Workshop Description
29 Sep, 2014 Recognizing Climate Action Leadership of CEA Award Winners & Applicants

Whistler – Linda Reimer, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development for Communities and Port Moody-Coquitlam MLA, presented awards recognizing the leadership of Richmond, Nanaimo and Telkwa at the Union of BC Municipalities convention.

24 Sep, 2014 BC Municipalities Marching Ahead with Climate Action
Whistler – While global marches continue for increased international cooperation on climate action, Mayors, councillors met with Minister of Environment Mary Polak and MLA’s George Heyman and Spencer Chandra Hebert in Whistler to collaborate on practical actions to save energy emissions and money locally.
18 Sep, 2014 Develop with Care 2014: Environmental Guidelines for Urban and Rural Land Development in British Columbia

The Develop with Care Guidelines are updated for 2014

02 Sep, 2014 Separated Bike Lane Design - Video

This video describes the urban design of the City of Vancouver's successful Separated Bicycle Lanes Program.

27 Aug, 2014 2014 Climate & Energy Action Award Shortlist

The Community Energy Association, Union of BC Municipalities, BC Hydro, FortisBC and the Province are pleased to present the 15 outstanding applications for the 2014 Climate & Energy Action Awards!

13 Aug, 2014
05 Aug, 2014 Community-Wide Climate Action Planning - Resources

The key resources below are examples of climate action planning frameworks that provide detailed guidance and links to information to help you work through your

31 Jul, 2014 Climate Action Lists

Download Climate Action Lists for ideas of actions to consider undertaking in your own community:

23 Jul, 2014 LED Lights to Brighten B.C. Streets

Shared Services BC introduces a new procurement program to support the purchase of energy efficient LED street lighting. B.C. Corporate Supply Arrangements (CSAs) for LED street light luminaires are now available for all eligible public sector organizations that need street lights.

10 Jul, 2014 Climate Action Tools for Asset Management: Toolkit Summer E-News

Check out the latest climate action tools on the Toolkit. 


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