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27 Aug, 2014 2014 Climate & Energy Action Award Shortlist

The Community Energy Association, Union of BC Municipalities, BC Hydro, FortisBC and the Province are pleased to present the 15 outstanding applications for the 2014 Climate & Energy Action Awards!

13 Aug, 2014
05 Aug, 2014 Community-Wide Climate Action Planning - Resources

The key resources below are examples of climate action planning frameworks that provide detailed guidance and links to information to help you work through your

31 Jul, 2014 Climate Action Lists

Download Climate Action Lists for ideas of actions to consider undertaking in your own community:

23 Jul, 2014 LED Lights to Brighten B.C. Streets

Shared Services BC introduces a new procurement program to support the purchase of energy efficient LED street lighting. B.C. Corporate Supply Arrangements (CSAs) for LED street light luminaires are now available for all eligible public sector organizations that need street lights.

10 Jul, 2014 Climate Action Tools for Asset Management: Toolkit Summer E-News

Check out the latest climate action tools on the Toolkit. 

02 Jul, 2014
18 Jun, 2014 The climate is changing — are you ready?

Visit the newly updated ReTooling for Climate Change website (www.retooling.cato check out some of the "R

16 Jun, 2014 Community-Based Renewable Energy in BC - A Snapshot

This guide includes tables highlighting different sources of renewable energy in BC, their end use, supportive policies and incentives, barriers and status.


29 May, 2014 District Energy Inventory For Canada
The 2013 District Energy Inventory for Canada presents a snapshot of the thermal energy network across the country. 
29 May, 2014 Small-Scale Biomass District Heating Handbook

The purpose of this handbook is to support a growing number of small communities across British Columbia and Alberta interested in making a business case for biomass district heating (DH).

06 May, 2014 2014 Climate & Energy Action Awards

The Community Energy Association (CEA), BC Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, BC Ministry of Environment - Climate Action Secretariat, BC Hydro, FortisBC and the Union of BC Municipalities are pleased to invite all local governments in British Columbia to participate in the 2014 Climate & Energy Action Awards competition.

29 Apr, 2014 Examples of Alternative Fleet Options

Check out how are BC local governments are providing alternative fleet options to staff.

16 Apr, 2014 Toolkit E-News: Building Climate Change Resilience

The latest Toolkit E-News is now available here, with news on:

31 Mar, 2014 Sea Level Rise Adaptation Primer

A resource for local governments and land management authorities, providing information on a range of tools that can be used as part of a sea level rise adaptation strategy. The Primer identifies 21 such tools and a broad array of applications.

27 Mar, 2014 Innovations in Stormwater Management Video Series
Innovative Stormwater Management at the Neighbourhood Scale: This video covers parking lot and road designs, as well as bioswales, detention ponds, constructed wetlands and associated issues with mosquitoes.
26 Mar, 2014 Integrated Resource Recovery Inventory and Case Studies Updated

Integrated Resource Recovery (IRR) is an approach and a set of

11 Mar, 2014 Capital Regional District Regional Pedestrian & Cycling Masterplan with Design Guidelines

The CRD Pedestrian and Cycling Masterplan (PCMP) identifies guidelines, policies and standards for providing universal pedestrian accessibility, bicycle and pedestrian trip enhancement facilities such as bicycle parking and integration with transit.

05 Mar, 2014 Community Energy and Emissions Inventory Initiative - update
On February 20, 2014, the 2007-2010 ​The Community Energy and Emissions Inventory (CEEI) Reports were updated to reflect the latest available information.
The CEEI Working Group continues to look to local government staff and other users of the reports to help verify the data.
Some minor refinements to the methodology have been made and where appropriate, 2007 CEEI estimates have been adjusted to reflect this.
03 Mar, 2014 Kelowna's Climate Action Plans
Learn why Kelowna's planning is award winning, healthy and saves money.  


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