Becoming Carbon Neutral Guidebook

 The 'Becoming Carbon Neutral Guidebook' builds on the Workbook described in the Carbon Neutral Local government section (under the HOW tab) and provides the next level of guidance for local governments on how to become carbon neutral, including step-by-step guidance on how to balance corporate emissions to zero by investing on GHG reduction projects and / or through purchased offsets.  

The 'Becoming Carbon Neutral Guidebook' reviews the Carbon Neutral Framework and its four key steps to achieving carbon neutrality (i.e., measure, reduce, offset/balance and report) and focuses on options for local governments to balance their corporate emissions to zero through investments in local GHG reduction project and / or purchased offsets (i.e., step 3 of the Framework).
**Project Profiles Included in the Guide are provided Carbon Neutral Local Government section of this website (
PLEASE NOTE: The 'Becoming Carbon Neutral Guidebook' includes five project profiles that local governments can use to measure GHG reductions resulting from these GHG reduction projects. Each of the project profiles has a spreadsheet for determining the annual emissions reductions associated with each project.
The project profiles and spreadsheets are provided on the Carbon Neutral Local Government section of this website ( as separate documents for local governments to use.  Any work conducted in the spreadsheets needs to be saved as a separate file or as an update to the project profile document. Instructions are provided in the profile documents.
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Archived document: An old version (Version 2 from July 2011) of the Becoming Carbon Neutral Guidebook can be downloaded here.

Author: Ministry of Sport and Cultural Development
Author: Province of BC
Jul, 2014
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