A guidebook on climate scenarios (Ouranos Guidebook)

This guide is a tool for decision-makers to familiarize themselves with future climate information. It is aimed at all actors involved in climate change adaptation, from those in the early stages of climate change awareness to those involved in implementing adaptation measures. The guide consists of three main sections. The first categorizes climate information based on its use and on its level of complexity. The second section presents a catalogue of different ways in which climate information can be presented to decision-makers, such as planners, engineers, resource managers, and goverment. Finally, a third section outlines key climate modeling concepts that support a good understanding of climate information in general.

Feedback on Ouranos Guidebook

To evaluate the usefulness of this new resource and to update its content, Ouranos and NRCan are currently promotion and testing the guide will be done through different means, such as targeted surveys, webinars and on-site workshops with interested parties. Online survey
Ouranos, Consortium on Regional Climatology and Adaptation to Climate Change
Oct, 2014
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