Towards Carbon Neutral Buildings in BC

This report represents the first phase of work of a much larger effort required to engage municipalities across the province in carbon neutral building framework. Advancing the framework will require complementary policy and regulatory changes at the local and provincial government levels.

While this report provides some important considerations and options for such policy and regulatory changes, the scope of work does not extend into the development of such policies and regulations. 

What is a Carbon Neutral Building? 

This report focuses on new high-rise multi-residential buildings (MURBs) in BC’s southern coastal climate zone. For this framework, carbon neutral buildings refer to those with significantly reduced energy consumption combined with the increased use of low carbon energy sources to meet the remaining demand. This definition is consistent with existing Provincial and municipal regulations e.g., the City of Vancouver, in BC. The framework will not address carbon offsets, as these are best addressed outside the building regulatory process.
Note: In june 2013, Light House Sustainable Building Centre Society published a whitepaper called What is a 'Carbon Neutral' Building? to provide an insight into various ‘carbon neutral’ definitions as they are used worldwide in relationship to measuring, reducing and offsetting carbon energy used by buildings. 
Author: Light House Sustainable Building Centre Society and Intep LLC
Funded by: the Real Estate Foundation of BC and City of Vancouver.
Jun, 2012
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