Active Transportation Planning in BC Local Government Success Stories

This guide describes multiple successful active transportation planning iniatives completed by BC local governments under the Community Planning Grant Program.

The Community Planning Grant program provided funding to local governments and Aboriginal communities to use for active transportation planning. Community planning grants were available to local governments in BC to develop new plans or amend existing plans for active transportation infrastructure. 

The intent was to  assist local governments to undertake comprehensive planning for active transportation that considers all transportation user groups. The program was also intended to better position local governments to apply for and more effectively utilize funding that required local governments to have a plan in place, such as programs offered through provincial and federal government programs, and other funders.
This snapshot of the grant activities is to provide an overview of the completed local government projects under the Community Planning Grant Program (note: Aboriginal community project overviews are not included).
Author: Built Environment and Active Transportation (BEAT)
Published by: BC Recreation and Parks Association and the Union of BC Municipalities.
Jul, 2010
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