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Thu, 10/11/2018
In 2016, The Village of Salmo, BC, initiated Sustainable Salmo, a planning process to update the Village’s Official Community Plan (OCP). The Village of Salmo’s approach to this planning process was distinct in that they merged their OCP with an Integrated Community Sustainability Planning (ICSP) process. Sustainable Salmo also incorporated the results of the Strategic Community Energy and Emissions Plan (SCEEP) which clearly identifies actions the community is committed to engaging in to reduce their GHG emissions and energy consumption. 

Success Story Snapshot

  • Energy Savings / GHG Reductions: Based on the SCEEP, the plan anticipates a 12% reduction of GHGs over the 2007 levels by 2020. 
  • Business Case: The Village estimates that implementation of the SCEEP will result in community financial savings of 9% ($80,000) in 2020 over the business as usual scenario. 
  • Co-benefits: Fostered community engagement and enhanced community health. 
  • Total project cost: Total project cost was $109,000 - (SCEEP - $14,000 and OCP/ICSP - $95,000). Funding was provided through a $75,000 federal Gas Tax Fund contribution plus $30,000 contributed by the Village.

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