Municipal Natural Assets Initiative - Extension of Application Period


CivicInfo BC

Fri, 08/04/2017
A Call for Expressions of Interest to host a second-round Municipal Natural Assets Initiative pilot project has been extended to August 28 2017 and can be found here.
Some municipalities secure services such as the provision of clean drinking water or storm water retention by protecting natural assets such as watersheds, wetlands and forests.  Now, asset management business processes and associated long-term financial planning are emerging as powerful mechanisms to measure and manage natural assets – and secure the services they provide - in a systematic manner.   Evidence to date suggests this strategy can save capital and operating costs, reduce risk, and help municipalities to provide core services in a sustainable manner.
The initiative
The Municipal Natural Assets Initiative, building on the lessons and learning from the first five municipal projects, will support an additional 5 municipalities to integrate natural assets into their existing asset management processes, as described in detail in the Call for Expressions of Interest.  The initiative provides an excellent opportunity to maximize the value of current or planned asset management efforts, and leverage substantial new resources and support.
The period for responses to extended Call for Expressions of Interest are due August 28, 2017.