Central Saanich's adopts first Active Transportation Plan


District of Central Saanich

Thu, 07/22/2021
This plan is a road map toward transforming Central Saanich by creating a safe, connected multi-modal transportation system with facilities that enhance local character and respect our agricultural roots. Encouraging active transportation through enhanced infrastructure and addressing road safety concerns – both key priorities of Council – will make walking and cycling choice travel options, and help make Central Saanich a healthy, safe and sustainable community.
Walking + Rolling
  • Wallace Drive / Willow Way Crossing
  • Stelly’s / Willow Way Pathway Connection (connect Willow Way to schoolyard)
  • East Saanich Road Sidewalk Connection (north of Saanichton Village)
  • Hagan Road Roadside Pathway (Clarke Road to Wallace Drive)
  • Wallace Drive Sidewalk Connection (Marchant Road to Sluggett Road)
  • Wallace Drive Sidewalk Connection (Sluggett Road to Brentwood Community Hall)
  • Keating Elementary Crosswalk Improvement (Central Saanich Road)
  • Wallace Drive Pathway Connection (Hovey Road to Prosser Road)
  • Wallace Drive / Saanichton Village Crosswalk (midblock on Wallace Drive)
  • Central Saanich Road Roadside Pathway (south of Mount Newton Cross Road)
  • Saanich Crossing Road Sidewalk Connection (Keating School to East Saanich Road)
  • Mount Newton Cross Road Multi-Use Pathway (East Saanich Rd to Central Saanich Rd)
  • Mount Newton Cross Road Multi-Use Pathway (Central Saanich Road to Highway 17)
  • Mount Newton Cross Road Bike Lanes + Lochside Trail Connection (east of Hwy 17)
  • Wallace Drive Bike Lanes (West Saanich Road to Stelly’s Cross Road)
  • Wallace Drive Bike Lanes (East Saanich Road to Prosser Road)
  • Benvenuto Avenue Multi-Use Pathway (Wallace Drive to Butchart Gardens)
  • East Saanich Road / Wallace Drive Connection (north of Saanichton Village)
  • Bicycle Parking Improvement Funding (District-wide)
Bus Stop Improvements
  • Keating Cross Rd at Mirah Pl
  • Central Saanich Rd at Keating Cross Rd
  • Wallace Dr at Stelly’s Cross Rd
  • Wallace Dr at Stelly’s Cross Rd
  • West Saanich Rd at Wallace Dr
  • Wallace Dr at Llanfair Cres
  • Wallace Dr at Marchant Rd
  • Mt Newton Cross Rd at Peninsula Hospital
  • Mt Newton Cross Rd at Central Saanich Rd
  • Mt Newton Cross Rd at Central Saanich Rd
  • Wallace Dr at Marin Park Pl
  • Wallace Dr at McKenna Crt
  • Wallace Dr at McKenna Crt
  • Wallace Dr at Springside Pl
  • Tanner Rd at Marie Meadow Rd
  • Marchant Rd at Hagan Rd Bus Stop
  • Brentwood Dr at Verdier Ave

Streets + Traffic Safety

  • Keating Cross Road (Central Saanich Road to Highway 17)
  • Wallace Drive / Marchant Road Intersection
  • Mt Newton Cross Road / East Saanich Rd Intersection
A number of program initiatives have been identified to help support investments in infrastructure. These include including on-going involvement in school travel planning and cycling support programs, specific pursuit of e-bike charging facilities and lighting and establishing a staff coordination function to support active transportation initiatives and pursue grant opportunities.
While infrastructure is expensive, the Plan is designed to be financially reasonable for a small, rural community with dispersed neighbourhoods. The next step for the District is to incorporate the plan into the Long-Term Financial Plan, which is now underway, and will be presented to Council later this year.
On-going commitments and funding will be required to realize the overall vision of the AT Plan and specific priority projects. Funding may be achieved through the District’s own capital planning process and in consideration of the many competing interests for financial support, as well as through future land development using Development Cost Charge and Community Amenity Contribution mechanisms and through external funding and partnerships. Recognizing the considerable number of grant opportunities to support active transportation infrastructure, the District intends to take a “quick start” approach to establishing shovel-ready projects suitable for grant applications.
Central Saanich Council adopted Central Saanich's first Active Transportation Plan on June 28, 2021.